Kubeshark comes with email and social authentication out of the box. Authentication is an independent option that can be enabled or disabled. Social and IDP Authentication


If you’d like to connect your organization’s SAML provider, first sign up to Kubeshark’s console and then drop us a note (or send an email to: with the following properties:

  1. Company name (tenant name)
  2. List of approved corporate domains
  3. The email of the tenant admin who sign up to Kubeshark’s console

Once we get a chance to configure you as your tenant admin, we will send you a SAML link where you can configure your SAML details.


If you don’t use SAML, we introduce two steps that includes:

  1. Authentication
  2. Authorization

Authentication will be conducted via email or Social authentication vendors (e.g. Googl, Microsoft). Authorization requires setting configuration in the Kubeshark config file:

    enabled: true

To enable authentication change the tap.auth.enabled field to true. To disable it, change it to false.

In the approveddomains, list the domains that should be authorized to view the dashboard.

In the approvedemails, list the emails that should be authorized to view the dashboard if they are outside the approvddomain list.