Upload Files to AWS S3

This integration is part of the Pro edition.

The AWS S3 integration provides an immutable datastore option in case you want to export files outside of the K8s cluster.

You can read the helper section to learn more about the available AWS S3 helpers.

The most common helper would be the vendor.s3.put helper that uploads a file using the provided credentials.


Read more about the required AWS credentials here.

Upload a Network Snapshot to S3

The wrapper.kflPcapS3 wrapper conditionally generates PCAP repositories based on KFL queries.

PCAP repositories are uploaded to AWS S3 and a Slack notification is sent upon completion.

    "http and response.status == 500",

function onItemCaptured(data) {
    wrapper.kflPcapS3(data, {
        kflArr:             KFL_PCAP_S3_KFL_ARR,

The above examples shows the script required to monitor traffic and match against two KFL queries:

  • http and response.status == 500 - HTTP traffic only where response status is 500
  • dns - all DNS traffic

All matching L4 streams will be added to a PCAP repository and uploaded to S3. An optional Slack message will be sent when a new file is uploaded:

PCAP Slack Alert

See wrapper.kflPcapS3 for more info.