Using the License Key

A license key belongs to a named user (the Licensee). The license key is an encrypted string that is automatically added to the Licensee’s account when they subscribe to a plan. This key includes information related to the Licensee’s plan, such as node limit, API call limit, plan expiration date, edition, etc.

Applying a License Key to a Specific Cluster

To use a license key in a cluster, the Licensee should log in to Kubeshark’s dashboard on the specific cluster. There is no limit on the number of clusters the Licensee can log in to and apply their license.

This operation can be performed only once. A license key is set in Kubeshark’s config map in the specific cluster. The license key will stay there and serve that cluster and all of its users until the license key is explicitly removed from the cluster or Kubeshark is restarted in the cluster (cleaning any relics, including the license key).

Removing a License Key

Licensees can remove their license key from a cluster by performing two steps:

  1. Logging in to Kubeshark’s dashboard on the specific cluster.
  2. Using the remove license button in the license dialog box.

How to remove a license key

Only the Licensee can remove their license key.

Setting the License Key Through Configuration

You can avoid having to log in to set your license by setting the license key in the configuration.

You can get your license key by visiting Kubeshark’s Admin Console. Copy and paste your license key where appropriate:

Use via command line:

--set license=<your-license>

Use via configuration:

license: <your-license>

An Active Internet Connection is Required

Other than using the ENTERPRISE plan, Kubeshark needs an active internet connection, specifically to, for Kubeshark to work properly. This will not work when there is no internet connection. You can check the Hub’s logs to see if there is a problem connecting to the API server. If you don’t have an active internet connection, we recommend using our ENTERPRISE plan or at the very least converting your PRO license to an ENTERPRISE one.


Try one of the following if something goes wrong:

Log Out and In

If for any reason, you log in and don’t see your up-to-date license, try to log out and log in again.

Clean Relics of Old Deployments

Make sure you have cleaned any relics from previous deployments by using either:

kubeshark clean


helm uninstall kubeshark

Remember that setting a new license requires removing the previous license or restarting Kubeshark.

Set the License Key in the Configuration or in the Command Line

As mentioned above.

Check the Logs

If there’s an issue, it should become apparent in the Hub’s logs.

Well, That Didn’t Work

If the above remedies did not work for you, contact us and we’ll get you started quickly. Worst case scenario, we’ll convert your PRO license to an ENTERPRISE license, which doesn’t require any internet connection.