Scope of Traffic Capture

While capturing all traffic is possible, it is a storage and CPU intensive operation. Kubeshark enables you to describe the scope of traffic capture with support for namespaces and PODs.

Pods selection

Specific Pod:

kubeshark tap catalogue-b87b45784-sxc8q

Set of Pods Using a Regex:

You can use a regular expression to indicate several pod names as well as dynamically changing names.

In the example below using the regex (catalo*|front-end*) will catch the following three Pods:

  • catalogue-868cc5ffd6-p9njn
  • catalogue-db-669d5dbf48-8hnrl
  • front-end-6db57bf84f-7kss9
kubeshark tap "(catalo*|front-end*)"



By default, Kubeshark is deployed into the default namespace. To specify a different namespace:

kubeshark tap -n sock-shop

Specify All Namespaces

The default deployment strategy of Kubeshark waits for the new Pods to be created. To simply deploy to all existing namespaces run:

kubeshark tap