Install with Helm

Read the Helm section for most up-to-date instructions

While the CLI is a great option for on-demand usage and running on dev & test clusters, for a more permanent deployment, you can use Helm and add Kubeshark’s Helm repository:


Add the Helm repo for Kubeshark:

helm repo add kubeshark

then install Kubeshark:

helm install kubeshark kubeshark/kubeshark


Clone the repo:

git clone --depth 1
cd kubeshark/helm-chart

Render the templates

helm template .

Install Kubeshark:

helm install kubeshark .

Uninstall Kubeshark:

helm uninstall kubeshark


For complete and up-to-date configuration options, view the repo:


Do the port forwarding:

kubectl port-forward service/kubeshark-front 8899:80

Visit localhost:8899