Consumption-Based Pricing

Kubeshark introduces a consumption-based pricing structure, offering initial complimentary capacity. Once this capacity is exceeded, charges are incurred based on the volume of API calls processed by Kubeshark. This model ensures that customers pay only for their actual usage, with costs directly tied to the amount of traffic handled by the system.

A single license can be used across any number of clusters without restriction to specific ones. The selected pricing tier may introduce limitations, such as on the number of nodes, API call capacity, and requirements for time and internet connectivity.

An API call is defined as any protocol-level message captured, dissected, and reassembled by Kubeshark.


The COMMUNITY edition is offered at no cost and supports clusters of up to two nodes without imposing any capacity limits or licensing requirements. Clusters that exceed two nodes are eligible for a complimentary PRO license, available here, which includes 1,000,000 API calls per month at no additional charge.

For users operating larger clusters or requiring on-demand service, the ON-DEMAND tier is advisable to ensure sufficient capacity is always available. This tier also comes with a free trial that provides an extra 10 million API calls as complimentary capacity.

Should additional capacity be necessary, please reach out to us.

To get started with the COMMUNITY edition, install Kubeshark.


  • Priced at $0.01 per 1,000 API calls, with billing typically occurring monthly or based on usage.
  • A free trial offering 10 million API calls is included.
  • Pricing is transparent, with no hidden charges or obligatory commitments.
  • A 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy is provided.
  • Capacity monitoring is facilitated through the Admin Console.

Available Capacity

  • Consumption specifics can be accessed in the dashboard footer.

Counting API calls

  • This tier necessitates an active internet connection.

Subscribe to the ON-DEMAND tier here.


Tailored for larger organizations managing multiple clusters, whether managed on their own or not, the Enterprise Edition is equipped for demanding settings. It features enhanced speed/throughput, support for air-gapped environments, and SAML/SSO integration.

Enterprise clients gain access to dedicated support services, including rapid assistance through Slack, on-demand Zoom calls, premium onboarding processes, and a commitment to ensuring smooth operations across all clusters.

For a demonstration of the Enterprise Edition and to obtain a complimentary trial license, contact us.