Kubeshark can be used for free on clusters of any size with a few limitations.


The COMMUNITY edition is offered at no cost and supports clusters of up to two nodes without imposing any capacity limits or licensing requirements.

To get started with the COMMUNITY edition, install Kubeshark.


Clusters that exceed two nodes are eligible for a complimentary (free) PRO license, available upon sign-up. The complimentary PRO license includes 100,000 API calls per month at no cost.

Should additional capacity be necessary, please reach out to us.

To get started with the complimentary PRO edition on any size cluster, simply sign up using the dashboard.


The PRO plan supports an unlimited number of clusters, each with a maximum number of nodes. The minimum cost of the plan is determined according to the maximum number of nodes the plan should support, starting at $10 per node per month. The plan imposes a monthly API call processing limit based on spending tiers.

The PRO plan is highly flexible and enables users to decide their budget based on how busy their clusters are and how frequently they plan to use Kubeshark.

Our pricing section includes a few ready-to-consume self-served plans. You can always start with the smallest plan and upgrade when necessary.

We also have options for unlimited usage plans at a fixed budget.

Contact us to learn more about the available plans or request a plan that is tailored to your needs.


Tailored for larger organizations managing multiple clusters, whether managed on their own or not, the Enterprise Edition features support for air-gapped environments and SAML/SSO integration.

Enterprise clients gain access to dedicated support services, including rapid assistance through Slack, on-demand Zoom calls, premium onboarding processes, and a commitment to ensuring smooth operations across all clusters.

For a demonstration of the Enterprise Edition and to obtain a complimentary trial license, contact us.

Getting an ENTERPRISE POC License

To get an ENTERPRISE POC license, you first need an account in the Admin Console, which is used to manage licenses. By default, a complimentary PRO license will be provisioned upon sign-up.

Once you have an account, reach out to us using the contact-us form and let us know the email used to create the account in the Admin Console. We will convert the complimentary PRO license to an ENTERPRISE license and notify you once the license is ready to use.

To retrieve your license, please log in to the Admin Console and follow the instructions to properly set your license.