PCAP Dumper (Capturing Raw Traffic)

The PCAP Dumper is a debug tool that aids in troubleshooting situations when traffic doesn’t appear in the dashboard.

The PCAP Dumper is akin to running tcpdump on the node. It dumps the raw traffic into a named pipe directly from the node at a stage before any processing is done. This capability is particularly useful for debugging traffic when it isn’t visible in the dashboard and some debugging is required.

Traffic capture occurs after a BPF expression is applied, if such an expression exists. This expression can be set if one of the traffic targeting rules was applied.

Raw traffic is piped on-demand and can be viewed in tools such as Wireshark or Tshark. Seeing the raw traffic can help identify any reasons why the traffic isn’t visible in the dashboard.

How to View Raw Traffic

Each node has a named pipe named ksdump.pcap located in the data/<node-name> folder in the sniffer container of the Worker DaemonSet.

To view the raw traffic of a certain node, you can use the following command:

kubectl exec <kubeshark-worker-pod-name> -c sniffer -- cat data/<node-name>/ksdump.pcap


kubectl exec <kubeshark-worker-pod-name> -c sniffer -- tshark -i data/<node-name>/ksdump.pcap -w traffic.pcap